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This week 31 August 2015 - 6 September 2015

Airing Code Show Episode
Monday 12:00 AM 2x22 Baby Steps Season 2, Episode 22
No summary available (yet)
2:30 AM 8x129 One Piece (JP) To Freedom! Law Unleashes the Injection ...
No summary available (yet)
7:30 AM 4x18 The Voice (AU) Live Final
No summary available (yet)
8:00 AM 17x30 Big Brother (US) Episode #30 - HoH Comp #11 Part 2 & ...
Episode #30 - HoH Comp #11 Part 2 & Nominations #11 - Day #74
8:00 AM 2x09 Bachelor in Paradise Season 2, Episode 9
Samantha decides to cancel a date with Justin to go back to Joe. Justin takes Amber out instead and they find out about the sexy art of salsa dancing.
8:00 AM 6x08 Guy's Grocery Games All-Stars and A-Lister Dinners
Culinary titans Anne Burrell, Eric Greenspan, Jet Tila and Marcel Vigneron aren't spared Guy Fieri's twists when a bowling game selects some strikingly bizarre ingredients for a hearty lunch. Next, the chefs have to think outside the boxed foods and make their best dish using processed items from the middle aisles of the store. Then, the chefs experience real highs and lows when the feared Food Wheel determines the high-end and low-end ingredients in their A-list dinner. The winning All-Star chef goes on a shopping spree for charity worth up to $20,000.
9:00 AM 13x08 Dragons' Den (UK) Series 13, Episode 8
A former banker hopes to secure funding to renovate a London underground station whilst a farmer pitches her plan to launch her own range of drinks.
9:00 AM 3x08 Ray Donovan Tulip
Romero shows up at the Fite Club and wants Ray to repent for his sins.
9:00 AM 2x12 The Last Ship Cry Havoc
The ship manages to become trapped between a blockade and a formidable sub. Chandler attempts to protect Dr. Scott and the cure by getting them off the ship as an unavoidable showdown with the sub comes closer.
9:00 AM 9x05 Ice Road Truckers Power Trip
New business owners Darrell and Lisa get the jolt they need with a high-stakes mission-transformers desperately needed for a distant town's electrical supply. Polar's top dog Todd Dewey runs into trouble with a government contract. Truck problems have Polar driver Art Burke's season headed for the gutter. And ice road rookie Mike Simmons tries to get over the hump on his first solo delivery.
9:00 AM 1x02 Fear The Walking Dead So Close, Yet So Far
Understanding only that something catastrophic is underway, Madison and Travis try to gather their family to flee to the desert for safety. However, this becomes difficult as things begin falling apart, creating a dangerous situation in the city.
10:00 AM 5x10 Falling Skies Reborn
The Masons, the 2nd Mass and their newfound allies have to deal with some unforeseen obstacles in the core of an iconic American location, as they attempt to try and reclaim the planet and humanity.
10:00 AM 3x08 Masters of Sex Surrogates
Johnson flies away with Dan Logan. Masters starts his surrogacy program.
10:00 AM 11x16 On The Case With Paula Zahn A Harvest of Grief
A trail of blood and broken cornstalks leads police to the body of a beautiful young girl.
10:00 AM 12x01 On The Case With Paula Zahn A Harvest of Grief
The brutal murder of a young girl, whose body was found in a cornfield, is investigated. Police follow a trail of broken cornstalks and blood to the body of a beautiful young girl.
10:00 AM 4x19 Catfish: The TV Show Brittany & Bryon
A single mother wants to find out whether the Marine she fell for online is everything he says he is.
10:00 AM 2x08 The Strain Intruders
While Abraham and Vasiliy meet with McNamara to buy the Lumen, Eph takes Zach with him on an errand. Meanwhile, Coco questions Eldritch's activities, and Eichhorst instructs Kelly in how to pass as human.
10:00 AM 8x18 Cutthroat Kitchen Greece Lightning
Two chefs rumble on ancient Greek rubble. Then, it's the blind leading the blindfolded in a seafood risotto challenge. Finally, it's a head-to-head battle that's nothing but monkey business.
10:00 AM 1x08 Naked and Afraid XL 40 Days Filth and Fury
The final part of the challenge begins; Jeff and EJ decide to attempt their extraction alone; the teams navigate the landscape toward the finish.
10:30 AM 1x09 Death Note (2015) Season 1, Episode 9
No summary available (yet)
10:30 AM 1x06 God Eater Season 1, Episode 6
No summary available (yet)
11:30 AM 2x06 Rick and Morty The Ricks Must Be Crazy
Rick's car ends up breaking down.
Tuesday 7:00 AM 21x01 Daily Planet Extreme Machines Week - 1
Dan and Ziya present scientific news and reports from around the world.
8:00 AM 4x12 Switched at Birth How Does a Girl Like You Get to Be a ...
Bay signs up for a class at UMKC and ends up in the spotlight because of the school's new harassment policy. Daphne's scholarship is in danger.
8:00 AM 12x15 So You Think You Can Dance Top 6 Perform Live + Elimination
The competition gets fierce as the final four dancers are revealed!
8:00 AM 26x01 Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden Aflevering 5186
Thijs' vernedering heeft grote gevolgen. Aysen neemt twee beslissingen over haar toekomst. Bing heeft heel wat uit te leggen na het 'ongeluk' van Ludo. Na het feest kan Lucas zich alleen maar flarden herinneren van wat er op straat gebeurd is. Rikki probeert Sjoerd te beïnvloeden.
8:00 AM 2x10 Bachelor in Paradise Season 2, Episode 10
Chelsie asks Nick out and they go an ocean cruise on a luxurious yacht and learn how to snorkel. Mackenzie shows up in Paradise and invites Justin to join her on a date.
8:00 AM 3x01 Duck Quacks Don't Echo (UK) Davina McCall, Paddy McGuiness, Stephen ...
Davina McCall, Paddy McGuiness and Stephen Mangan are this week's guests.
9:00 AM 5x01 Awkward Prank Amateurs
Some senior pranks manage to cause chaos. Jenna's vow to not think about Matty ends up being tested after she overhears a worrying secret.
9:00 AM 11x17 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (US) Bill Nye
Bill Nye is featured on the show.
9:00 AM 6x07 Fast N' Loud Year of the Monkey
Before beginning a new season building even bigger and better cars, Richard and Aaron gather the Monkeys to remember the ups and downs of the last year.
9:00 AM 2x09 Chasing Life Wild Thing
April decides to use her inheritance to fulfill the emptiness in her life,spending money on herself and loved ones, as well as buying some potentially dangerous things. Brenna's short film is aired for the first time.
9:00 AM 2x09 Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations Chicago
Different foods from Chicago are looked at.
9:30 AM 2x11 Faking It (2014) Stripped
Shane organizes a revolt after a new principal causes problems for Hester. Amy believes that Karma is hiding something.
9:30 AM 1x05 Significant Mother Suffering & Scuccotash
Lydia attempts to hide her relationship with Jimmy from her mother, who wouldn't approve about it. Jimmy hopes to be able to prove himself to her.
10:00 AM 4x21 Impractical Jokers Anatomy of a Challenge
Through four seasons of Impractical Jokers, the guys have never shied away from a challenge. Whether they're clipping balloons to strangers in a supermarket or pitching a humiliating autobiography to a focus group, Joe, Sal, Murr and Q do everything in their power to make each other squirm as much as humanly possible. In this special episode, the Jokers look back on the series' very best challenges and dish out behind-the-scenes secrets that have never been shared before.
10:00 AM 1x13 The Whispers Game Over
Drill destroys himself in custody, but the threat isn't ended. Claire and the others discover that the children aren't Drill's only friends... and that Drill's people are coming to Earth for their own mysterious purpose.
Tuesday 6:00 PM 3x01 The Awesomes Season 3, Episode 1
No summary available (yet)
7:00 AM 21x02 Daily Planet Extreme Machines Week - 2
Dan and Ziya present scientific news and reports from around the world.
8:00 AM 26x02 Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden Aflevering 5187
Wiet moet geholpen worden als ze hoogtevrees heeft. Jef ontdekt wat hij afgelopen nacht heeft gedaan en met wie. Anton is tevreden over de uitkomst van zijn wraakplannetje. Linda wordt zonder goede reden ontslagen. Laura raakt verontrust als iemand de waarheid voor haar verzwijgt.
8:00 AM 14x04 Bad Girls Club Flirting With Kat-tastrophe
Cracks form in the twins' relationship with Jela, Jasmine's birthday celebration leads to a breakdown and Kat discovers that she's on the girls' hit list.
9:00 AM 6x12 Rizzoli & Isles 5:26
An old watch is found inside some cocaine in a dead woman's stomach. It is needed to determine the timepiece's significance as it becomes a key to protecting Jane and the people she loves.
9:00 AM 12x05 New Tricks Prodigal Sons
The UCOS take a look into the death of a talented cricket prodigy who was loathed by his fellow team mates. The death was recorded as misadventure but the team are soon bowled over by the list of potential murder suspects.
9:00 AM 3x07 Evil Kin The Boneyard
The show looks at the case of Renee Curtiss who in 1978 asked her brother to do the unthinkable by helping her to kill her boyfriend. The crime was covered up with the help of their mother and was kept a secret for around thirty years.
9:00 AM 2x22 The Haves and the Have Nots Dianna Whinchil
A surprise guest shows up for Jim's Dianna Whinchil interview.
9:00 AM 2x02 From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series In a Dark Time
No summary available (yet)
9:00 AM 9x06 Face Off Extraterrestrial Enterprise
Some retro-style alien characters made for a Foundation Challenge are featured after the artists are given their Spotlight Challenge.
9:00 AM 4x09 Total Divas Clash of the Divas
Paige gets herself into trouble with WWE. Nattie sets her sister up with Big E. Bryan has an issue with Brie's sexy wardrobe.
9:00 AM 1x10 Zoo Emotional Contagion
On the run as fugitives, the team flies to Zambia to gather leopard DNA in order to manufacture a cure for the abnormal behavior that's affecting animals worldwide. When it's time to leave, they need to reach out to animal rights activist Ray Endicott to get safe passage out of the country. Also, Chloe makes the ultimate sacrifice to avoid further bloodshed.
10:00 AM 7x17 Tosh.0 TBA
No summary available (yet)
10:00 AM 4x03 Real Husbands of Hollywood Hart Medication
Kevin inadvertantly takes drug-laden candies while in the company of an annoying acquaintance, Rapper, LIL TWEETZIE. Kevin ends up out of control at Nelly's event.
10:00 AM 5x03 Homicide Hunter Dead on Target
No summary available (yet)
10:00 AM 4x22 Impractical Jokers Impractical Jokers: Unseen Scenes
In this special episode, the Impractical Jokers unveil all the hilarity that was left on the cutting room floor. From unaired challenges to behind-the-scenes antics, the guys wax poetic about their favorite never-before-seen moments and give their fans a unique look behind the curtain.
10:00 AM 6x10 Ink Master Hell on Wheels
The artists have to paint their most valuable canvas yet. One of the artist's tricks cause suspicions.
10:00 AM 2x06 Playing House Kimmewah Kup
An unexpected visitor shows up at Maggie and Emma's weekend at Lake Kimmewah. The girls need to go into battle with their old nemeses, the Custerman twins.
10:00 AM 2x12 Tyrant Pax Abuddin
There is a new dawn in Abuddin, and Jamal's fate as well of the Al-Fayeed family remains uncertain.
10:00 AM 1x02 Public Morals Family is Family
Muldoon takes a look into his uncle's murder. Romance breaks out between Sean O'Bannon and his best friend's sister.
10:00 AM 23x20 Chopped Teen Tournament: Episode Two
Four new whiz kids battle it out in this second competition of the Teen Tournament. Expensive crustaceans are a bit of a shocker in the appetizer baskets, while nerves and mishaps plague round two, and one of the competitors gets flustered with the sharpness of the knives and the scarcity of time allotted to complete creative lamb entrees. The two teen chefs who make it to the dessert round must create yummy, sweet dishes with a frozen treat and an Indian spice.
10:00 AM 1x10 Scream: The TV Series Revelations
Emma attempts to save a loved one and also finds out the identity of the killer.
Wednesday 12:00 PM 1x06 Difficult People Even Later
Billy and Julie prepare a portfolio for a writing job, but find it easier to delay than write.
7:00 AM 21x03 Daily Planet Extreme Machines Week - 3
Dan and Ziya present scientific news and reports from around the world.
8:00 AM 6x17 MasterChef (US) Return of the Champions
The remaining five battle it out in a mystery-box challenge that includes pear, tomato, portobello mushroom and chocolate, and the winner is safe from elimination.
8:00 AM 22x05 America's Next Top Model The Guy Who Gets a Hickey
As romance blooms between some of the models, a huge argument breaks out. The guys and girls are challenged to a photo shoot that will have no re-touching in the photos, which causes insecurity amongst some of the models.
8:00 AM 17x31 Big Brother (US) Episode #31 - Power of Veto Competition ...
Episode #31 - Power of Veto Competition #11 - Day #77
8:00 AM 26x03 Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden Aflevering 5188
Na een chantagepoging komt Bing in actie. Sjoerd ontdekt dat Aysen beslissingen neemt die hem ook aangaan. Rover versiert een baan. Laura probeert erachter te komen waarom Linda teruggekeerd is naar Meerdijk. Janine laat het er niet bij zitten als ze denkt dat Ludo liegt.
8:00 AM 2x13 Young & Hungry Young & Unemployed
Gabi wants Josh to employ Sofia after she quits her job, but when he doesn't, Gabi pretends he did and puts on a charade for her.
8:30 AM 1x05 Kevin From Work Roommates from Work
Roxie does not like all of Kevin's rules and she moves out of his place and goes to stay with Patti and Audrey. Kevin is concerned that a romance is blossoming between Roxie and Roger.
9:00 AM 7x31 American Pickers TBA
No summary available (yet)
9:00 AM 10x02 Ghost Hunters Too Many Apparitions in the Kitchen
The TAPS team visit the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y., as they look for signs of the spirits of Jesuit priests who once lived on the CIA campus.
9:00 AM 3x09 The Amazing Race Canada Take Your Clue and Gooo!
No summary available (yet)
9:00 AM 2x11 Extant Zugzwang
Molly manages to find John's former colleague with JD and Ethan hoping to be able to stop the Humanich threat. Julie sends Charlie on a mission to discover where Lucy's orders are coming from.
10:00 AM 4x23 Impractical Jokers 100th Episode: Fan-tastic Countdown
The Impractical Jokers count down the all-time greatest moments from the show, chosen by the fans! These are the most memorable bits - the iconic lines fans scream when they see the guys - the most shocking, cringe-worthy and embarrassing stunts that could only be pulled off by the Jokers. Essentially, it's a love letter to all the diehard fans; a crash course in why viewers love the guys so much. So let's get sexy and find Larry in the Castle Of White, Mustache! (If you don't get the references, you will after this special!)
10:00 AM 5x09 Key & Peele The 420 Special
Neil deGrasse Tyson relaxes at home, Keegan must keep it together during a job interview, a tailor deals with a gassy client, the valets discuss “Game of Thrones,” and a telemarketer tries a new strategy.
10:00 AM 8x19 Cutthroat Kitchen Camp Cutthroat: If It Bleeds, We Can ...
One chef hits the trail in search of new ingredients. Then, it's a skillet breakfast cookout from atop a lookout tower. Finally, one competitor finds themselves in chilly waters while making chili.
10:00 AM 1x10 Mr. Robot eps1.9_zer0-day.avi
Mr. Robot and Tyrell are both missing. Elliot is haunted by a past hack.
10:30 AM 1x08 Impastor Bingo Tell It on the Mountain
Buddy ends up being threatened by a new family in town. Dora wants Buddy's help to overcome a strange addiction.
11:00 AM 4x20 The Exes Gone Girls
Holly and Nicki decide to have a girls' night out, but they end up fighting over the same man.
Friday 5:00 AM 2x48 Uncle Grandpa Uncle Grandpa Retires
No summary available (yet)
6:00 AM 3x06 Teen Titans Go! I'm the Sauce
No summary available (yet)
7:00 AM 21x04 Daily Planet Extreme Machines Week - 4
Dan and Ziya present scientific news and reports from around the world.
7:30 AM 7x06 Regular Show Birthday Gift
Mordecai receives a birthday gift from Rigby.
7:30 AM 20x14 Naruto: Shippuuden Road To Tenten - Into the Dream World
No summary available (yet)
7:30 AM 20x15 Naruto: Shippuuden Road To Tenten - Into the Dream World
No summary available (yet)
8:00 AM 17x32 Big Brother (US) Episode #32 - Double Live Eviction Night ...
Episode #32 - Double Live Eviction Night #11 & #12, HoH Comp #12, Nominations #12 & Power of Veto Competition #12 - Day #78

8:00 AM 26x04 Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden Aflevering 5189
Door hypnose proberen Sacha en Lucas zich dingen te herinneren. Als Thijs klanten kwijtraakt, ziet hij zich genoodzaakt in een schimmig zaakje te stappen. Anna vindt dat Wiet met Zeger moet stoppen, omdat hij niet oké is. Rikki betrapt Sacha met een onbekend kind.
9:00 AM 3x13 Mistresses (US) Goodbye Girl
Joss is given her freedom, but she might lose Harry because of his new job prospect. Marc's absence causes April to make an important realization. Vivian's condition gets worse.
9:00 AM 14x05 Project Runway Gunn and Heid
The designers attempt to win fabric in a paintball competition and then they try to create a six-piece collection.
10:00 AM 3x11 Graceland The Wires
No summary available (yet)
10:00 AM 3x12 Under the Dome Incandescence
When the Dome's calcification process accelerates, Chester's Mill has 24 hours before the barrier's breakdown will suffocate everyone inside. While the new deadline puts added pressure on Joe to bring the Dome down, Barbie and Julia race to save his child from The Kinship. Also, Big Jim tries to manage the increasingly volatile Hektor, who is adamant that infected townspeople never escape the Dome.
10:00 AM 4x24 Impractical Jokers 100th Episode: Punishment Special
Sal, Joe, Q and Murr celebrate 100 episodes of Impractical Jokers with a LIVE punishment in the heart of NYC. Hosted by Howie Mandel, the hour-long special opens with pre-taped challenges that involve the guys crossing items off their bucket lists, faking injuries at the grocery store and making their glorious return to the infamous two-way mirror. The episode then shifts to South Street Seaport for a four-way punishment in which each Joker walks a five-story-high tightrope, live.
10:00 AM 2x06 Review TBA
No summary available (yet)
10:00 AM 2x09 Dominion The Seed of Evil
An encroaching eight-ball army and civil war serve as backdrop for reunions of Alex and Claire, and David and William.
10:00 AM 1x08 Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll Hard Out Here for a Pimp
Johnny arranges a date for Gigi with somebody her own age. Bam and Rehab come up with a new music genre.
10:30 AM 2x08 Married Mother's Day
Lina misses a brunch for Mother's Day.
11:00 AM 1x08 Geeks Who Drink Rob Kazinksy vs. Dominic Monaghan
Rob Kazinsky leads Cocktails and Screams in a match of wits against Dominic Monaghan and his team Lost Island Iced Teas.
11:30 AM 1x09 Gakkou Gurashi! Season 1, Episode 9
No summary available (yet)
Friday 12:00 PM 1x02 Hand Of God Season 1, Episode 2
No summary available (yet)
7:00 AM 21x05 Daily Planet Extreme Machines Week - 5
Dan and Ziya present scientific news and reports from around the world.
8:00 AM 26x05 Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden Aflevering 5190
Nina stelt Bing en Ludo voor een onmogelijke keuze. Rover doet een ontdekking over zijn werkgever. Jef schrikt als Sjors haar mond voorbijpraat. Linda vindt het vreemd als Laura ineens aardig tegen haar doet. Om de lucht te klaren met Anton bedenkt Maxime een groots gebaar.
8:00 AM 3x02 Duck Quacks Don't Echo (UK) Jonathan Ross, Dara O Briain, Alex Jones
Jonathan Ross, Dara O Briain and Alex Jones are this week's guests.
8:30 AM 10x02 Flikken Maastricht Het Model
De vriendin en model van een bekende Maastrichtse kunstenaar wordt dood in bad bij haar ouders aangetroffen met een plastic zak over haar hoofd. Alles wijst op een zelfmoord, maar haar vader, een ex-politieagent, is ervan overtuigd dat het moord is. Dan ontdekken ze dat het dode meisje in bad niet het enige model is dat op verdachte wijze omgekomen is. Hebben ze te maken met een seriemoordenaar?

Marion ontmoet een oude schoolvriend op het bureau. Het klikt meteen weer, totdat ze hoort waar hij aangifte van komt doen; aliens hebben zijn favoriete koe ontvoerd. Wat lacherig belooft ze een kijkje te nemen op de boerderij, waar Romeo de tel kwijt raakt tussen de koeien en Marion toch denkt dat er meer aan de hand is.
8:30 AM 9x06 Would I Lie To You? Richard Hammond, Sean Lock, Judy Murray, ...
Richard Hammond, Sean Lock, Judy Murray and Trevor Noah are the guests on the show this week.
9:00 AM 4x01 Continuum Lost Hours
No summary available (yet)
9:00 AM 8x17 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Greg Davies, Holly Walsh, Vic Reeves
Greg Davies, Holly Walsh and Vic Reeves are the guests on the show this week.
10:00 AM 8x04 A Haunting Demonic Activity: Episode 2
A mother and son match wits against a vicious demon who uses an ancient artifact to open portals in their home.
10:00 AM 9x05 Deadly Women Payback
When these women have scores to settle, they take matters into their own hands. A traumatized woman thinks she's an avenging angel; one of Mexico's most infamous serial killers targets the elderly; and a man is butchered by two women he tries to help.
Saturday 12:00 PM 2x08 The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Season 2, Episode 8
No summary available (yet)
7:00 PM 1x42 Sonic Boom Late Night Wars
No summary available (yet)
8:00 PM 18x30 Pokémon the Series A Frenzied Factory Fiasco!
The gang visit the PokéBall factory where a couple of guides ask them to hand over their Pokémon for the tour only for it to be a trap by Team Rocket.
10:30 PM 5x46 Fairy Tail Tartaros Arc: The Celestial King vs. The ...
No summary available (yet)
5:30 AM 1x23 Kyoukai no Rinne Season 1, Episode 23
No summary available (yet)
8:00 AM 18x08 MythBusters Star Wars - The Myths Strike Back
The team test if somebody could dodge a Stormtrooper's gun and some other Star Wars myths are tested as well.
9:00 AM 11x03 Ghost Adventures Manresa Castle
Ghost Adventures targets Port Townsend, WA to investigate the violent hauntings at Manresa Castle. During the lockdown, a spirit repeats Aaron's words verbatim; but will he escape unscathed?
11:30 AM 3x10 Durarara!! Season 3, Episode 10
No summary available (yet)
Sunday 9:00 PM 1x09 Dragon Ball Super Sorry for Waiting, Beerus-sama! Finally, ...
No summary available (yet)
11:00 PM 3x23 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) The Fourfold Trap
No summary available (yet)