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This week 27 July 2015 - 2 August 2015

Airing Code Show Episode
Monday 7:30 AM 4x13 The Voice (AU) Super Battles
No summary available (yet)
7:30 AM 7x61 Masterchef Australia Grand Final Part 1
No summary available (yet)
8:00 AM 17x15 Big Brother (US) Episode #15 - Nominations #5 & Battle of ...
Episode #15 - Nominations #5 & Battle of the Block Comp #5 - Day #39
8:00 AM 5x10 North Woods Law Down to the Wire
The tail end of deer season tempts empty-handed hunters to break the law. The wardens work round the clock shifts to catch a night hunter and a family of felons armed to the teeth. Spahr and Blanchard investigate a pair of deer shot under suspicious circ

8:00 AM 6x03 Guy's Grocery Games High-Steak Hijinks
There's nothing comforting about making a comfort meal with five ingredients, but that's what the chefs have to do. Then, they must make an upscale dinner using a grocery list that includes ketchup and pretzels! The final face-off is even more odd when chefs are asked to make a steak sandwich with no bread because they can't shop the odd aisles.

8:00 AM 1x18 K.C. Undercover K.C. and the Vanishing Lady
The Cooper family tries to take a much-needed vacation from spying, but their plans are interrupted when a wealthy socialite vanishes from their resort and K.C. is determined to find out what happened.
9:00 AM 13x03 Dragons' Den (UK) Series 13, Episode 3
A couple of entrepreneurs attempt to charm the Dragons into investing in their potential solution to tidying TV cables, while Peter, Touker and Nick test out some muscle enhancing clothing.
9:00 AM 3x03 Ray Donovan Come and Knock on Our Door
Ray and Mickey attempt to get Terry out of prison.
9:00 AM 4x15 Naked And Afraid Easier Said Than Done
After a nation wide search, two lucky fans were selected to take on a special fourteen-day survival challenge. A nurturing mother, and an independent adventurer try to survive in the rainforests of Nicaragua. Can they conquer two weeks Naked and Afraid?

9:00 AM 2x06 True Detective Church in Ruins
Ani works undercover to try and infiltrate an exclusive party. Ray and Paul keep track of her every move.
9:00 AM 2x07 The Last Ship Alone and Unafraid
Slattery finds it hard to evade the sub. Chandler and the land team manage to infiltrate the immune compound.
9:00 AM 1x07 Humans Episode 7
Feeling ejected and alone, Karen makes her way to George's house looking for Niska. Pete is determined to discover who Karen really is, but his investigation reveals a truth stranger than he could ever have imagined. The hunted synths come together at the Hawkins and are grateful to Laura and family for providing refuge.
9:30 AM 2x22 Liv & Maddie Frame-a-Rooney
Ridgewood’s mascot has been vandalized, and the Rooney’s all become suspects. Meanwhile, Parker has the day off from school and gets into trouble at home with Reggie.
10:00 AM 5x05 Falling Skies Non-Essential Personnel
The 2nd Mass say goodbye to Chinatown. A deranged gunman ends up taking Weaver hostage. Tom attempts to rescue Hal.
10:00 AM 3x03 Masters of Sex The Excitement of Release
Masters and Johnson decide to try and capitalize on their burgeoning fame.
10:00 AM 2x09 Halt and Catch Fire Kali
Shocked by a rival's launch, Mutiny takes measures to make sure of survival.
10:00 AM 2x03 The Strain Fort Defiance
Palmer is attacked by Gus and Vaun. Steph attempts to connect with Zack.
10:00 AM 8x10 Cutthroat Kitchen I Know Who Kilt Me
One chef gets hassled by haggis. Then, a pair of chopsticks becomes a huge obstacle for someone. Finally, a chef finds that they're not so sweet on key lime pie.

10:00 AM 1x06 Ballers (2015) Everything is Everything
Charles decides he is going to be selfish. Joe negotiates with Maximo. Ricky's off-field activities end up being revealed.
10:30 AM 1x06 The Brink Tweet Tweet Tweet
Walter runs into Joanne in Tel Aviv. Martin and Vanessa hold Zeke and Glenn hostage.
10:30 AM 1x04 Death Note (2015) Season 1, Episode 4
No summary available (yet)
11:00 AM 2x22 Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Season 2, Episode 22
John takes a look back at the major talking points of the last seven days.
11:30 AM 2x01 Rick and Morty A Rickle In Time
Rick goofed this time and mussed up the whole time frame broh! Beth and Jerry get romantic!
Monday 12:00 PM 3x95 @Midnight Jesse Joyce, Jordan Carlos & Jamie Lee
No summary available (yet)
12:35 PM 2x93 Late Night with Seth Meyers Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, Carli ...
No summary available (yet)
9:30 PM 3x32 Jake and the Never Land Pirates Captain Buzzard to the Rescue
Jake and his crew call upon Captain Buzzard to rescue Sharky, Bones and Mr. Smee after they are captured by a Minotaur.
7:00 AM 4x15 Every Witch Way Frenemies
Emma attempts to gain power so she can cast a massive spell, but she angers her friends in along the way.
7:30 AM 7x62 Masterchef Australia Grand Final Part 2
No summary available (yet)
8:00 AM 19x26 Antiques Roadshow (US) Vintage Charleston
Look back to 2000 and learn what has since happened in the market, and a $55,000-$60,000 find.

8:00 AM 12x10 So You Think You Can Dance Top 18 Perform + Elimination
There is another elimination as the top 18 perform.
8:00 AM 11x12 The Bachelorette The Final Rose
Kaitlyn has decide who she would like to spend her future with.
8:00 AM 11x13 The Bachelorette After the Final Rose
This special episode reveals what happened after the show finished.
8:30 AM 63x28 Panorama Terror on the Beach
Jane Corbin pieces together what actually happened with unseen footage taken by eyewitnesses of the terror attack on a beach in Tunisia.
8:30 AM 1x17 Star vs. the Forces of Evil Freeze Day
Star manages to accidentally freeze time with her wand.
8:30 AM 1x18 Star vs. the Forces of Evil Royal Pain
Star's father shows up unexpectedly for a visit.
9:00 AM 4x08 Major Crimes Hostage of Fortune
A former kidnapping case is revisited after new information comes to the surface, pushing the division into a partnership with a possibly corrupt FBI agent.
9:00 AM 3x09 Devious Maids Bad Girl
Evelyn has a big surprise awaiting Adrian upon his return from the hospital. Sebastien encourages Carmen to forge a relationship with Jacklyn. Zoila is shocked to discover a secret that Genevieve has been keeping from her. Marisol learns some surprising information about Jesse’s past acquaintances. With Ernesto out of town, Rosie turns to Spence when she needs help parenting Miguel.
9:00 AM 14x19 Degrassi I Wanna Be Adored
No summary available (yet)
9:00 AM 2x04 Chasing Life Truly Madly Deeply
An unpublished novel written by April's father could hold clues about her family's past. April decides to use it to do some investigating.
9:00 AM 5x12 Street Outlaws The Nationwide Call Out
It's on! The 405's Top 5 takes on the Nation's fastest street-race cars for bragging rights and huge payouts. Farmtruck and AZN pull a prank on Chief and Shawn to get back at them. Big Chief's got a score to settle with his biggest rival, Kye Kelly.
9:00 AM 2x05 Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations Mexico City
Andrew takes a look at the different foods available in Mexico City.
9:30 AM 9x69 Pawn Star$ Wheelin' and Dealin'
Wheel and deal with the Pawn Stars as they rediscover some of the coolest vehicles to ever drive into the shop: a one-of-a-kind rock crawler, an impressive collection of restored Indian motorcycles, a custom dragster capable of reaching 192 mph and a John Deere ice cream machine that leaves Chumlee drooling.
10:00 AM 5x06 Teen Wolf Required Reading
Scott and his friends decide to take Dr. Valack's advice and then experience some strange effects as a result.
10:00 AM 2x08 Murder In The First Out of the Shadows
Junior offers some new details which could give Terry and Hildy the upper hand in the investigation.
10:00 AM 1x09 UnREAL Princess
Quinn and Rachel think about their future/ The final three contestants make their way back to Adam's vineyard.
10:00 AM 1x09 Odd Mom Out The Truth Fairy
Brooke and her entourage launch an investigation to figure out who has been too honest with their kids about the harsh realities of the world. Jill finds herself lying to Vanessa about attending a charity luncheon. Andy discovers Lex's shocking secret that could destroy the Von Webers.
11:00 AM 20x135 The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Sen. Ted Cruz
No summary available (yet)
11:30 AM 1x87 The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore Season 1, Episode 87
Larry Wilmore and a panel of guests discuss current events and the world of pop culture.
Tuesday 12:00 PM 3x96 @Midnight Whitney Cummings, Nick Thune & Brendon ...
No summary available (yet)
12:35 PM 2x94 Late Night with Seth Meyers Billy Eichner, Julie Klausner, Vintage ...
No summary available (yet)
7:00 AM 4x16 Every Witch Way Stop Emma
Emma's friends want her stopped. Jake has some unexpected news to tell Jax.
8:00 AM 6x08 Pretty Little Liars FrAmed
Aria's art is displayed in a gallery, but the event showcasing her work is sabotaged.
9:00 AM 6x07 Rizzoli & Isles A Bad Seed Grows
Jane and Maura have to try and overcome some difficult obstacles to locate the killer of a 16-year-old girl.
9:00 AM 3x03 Evil Kin Something Wicked in the Woods
For the Harpe brothers, the family farm was a playground. Until the day it became the site of their parents' murder. Forced into the wild, the brothers learned to kill. As adults, they will use these skills to become America's first serial killers.

9:00 AM 2x17 The Haves and the Have Nots Candace Young, Esq.
Candace shows Benny the place where she works.
9:00 AM 11x15 Deadliest Catch New Blood, Old Wounds
Wild Bill calls for a medical evacuation during an emergency. Jake attempts to redeem himself to Sig. Keith deals with some sick greenhorns.
9:00 AM 14x20 Degrassi Teen Age Riot
No summary available (yet)
9:00 AM 4x04 Total Divas Divas on Overdrive
Paige ditches Alicia for a new man. Nikki challenges Bryan over not liking her.
9:00 AM 32x08 Crimewatch UK Series 32, Show 5
Kirsty has an update on the case of Julie Pacey, a 38-year-old married mother of two who was murdered at her family home in Grantham, Lincolnshire in 1994.
9:00 AM 32x09 Crimewatch UK Series 32, Show 5 (Update)
A update on the viewers response to the cases featured earlier tonight.
9:00 AM 1x05 Zoo Blame it on Leo
Jackson, Jamie, and Agent Shaffer search for a chemist in Alabama who has evidence of Reiden Global's role in the growing animal problem. Meanwhile, Chloe, Mitch, and Abraham fly to Rio de Janeiro to delay the local government's plan for a massive bat extermination and come up against a ruthless drug lord.
9:00 AM 5x21 Counting Cars Craziest Rides
Get wild with Danny and the Count's Kustoms crew and revisit some of the craziest rides ever featured on Counting Cars: a twin-engine Model T hot-rod decked out with four superchargers, an insanely tricked out '73 Buick Riviera, Horny Mike's bus transformed into a giant green monster, a pimped out '71 Cadillac Superfly and an insane one-of-a-kind rat rod that causes Danny to lose his mind.
9:00 AM 5x22 Counting Cars Fast and Furry-ous
Danny scores a pimp-tastic 1967 Impala, but when it's time to hand over the keys to an important client Danny doesn't think he can let her go. Meanwhile Roli does the unthinkable and puts the shop's top project in jeopardy. Danny steps back in time when an old friend shows him a 1914 Ford that's headed to the Smithsonian. Danny and Ryan think they've seen a ghost when they spot a Meyers Manx Dune buggy for sale that looks a lot like their old favorite Sparkles.

9:00 AM 1x09 Stitchers Future Tense
The Stitchers team investigates the murder of an online psychic whose symbolic, layered memories are further complicated when Kristen sees the murder of another person in the Stitch. Maggie expresses her reservations about Kirsten’s relationship with Liam. Meanwhile, Camille hesitantly agrees to meet Linus’s parents.
10:00 AM 6x05 Ink Master TBA
No summary available (yet)
10:00 AM 2x07 Tyrant The Awful Grace of God
Jamal believes that the country is spiraling out of control and wants to see a military victory.
10:00 AM 1x07 Proof (TNT) St. Luke's
The team investigates a strange haunting at an old church. Carolyn gets an unexpected visit from her parents.
10:00 AM 23x15 Chopped Grill Masters: Episode Three
Two of the competitors in this Grill Masters fight are engaged to be married — can they both make it to the final round? In the first round, a succulent seafood and an odd ice cream are two of the surprises in the mystery basket. Then in the second round of live-fire cooking, the chefs are shocked to find a live ingredient. And when a delicate ingredient flames up on the grill in the final round, can it be salvaged?

10:00 AM 1x05 Scream: The TV Series Exposed
Emma finds out about a heartbreaking secret following a scandalous video leak.
10:00 AM 1x07 Clipped Mo's Ma
Mo attempts to deal with his parents' divorce whilst the gang has additional insight into their breakup. Danni finds out that A.J. has a date.
11:00 AM 20x136 The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Tom Cruise
No summary available (yet)
11:30 AM 1x88 The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore Season 1, Episode 88
Larry Wilmore and a panel of guests discuss current events and the world of pop culture.
Wednesday 12:00 PM 3x97 @Midnight Kurt Braunohler, Jimmy Pardo & Chris ...
No summary available (yet)
12:35 PM 2x95 Late Night with Seth Meyers Ed Helms, Alison Bechdel, a performance ...
No summary available (yet)
9:00 PM 3x32 Doc McStuffins Top Lamb
Lambie plays with Doc's new pink kitchen play set without permission, and accidentally breaks it and injures herself.
7:00 AM 4x17 Every Witch Way Mommie Dearest
A witch style intervention is held for Emma. Jax learns the truth about his family.
8:00 AM 4x21 Melissa & Joey Be The Bigger Person
Mel finds herself being called a hypocrite by a voter who sees her eating an unhealthy burger after she launches a nutritious-eating campaign.
8:00 AM 6x12 MasterChef (US) Family Reunion
The Top 10 chefs create meals for VIP diners who end up being be their own family members, and the winning team is safe from the next pressure test, which involves creating gnocchi with brown butter and sage sauce.
8:00 AM 17x16 Big Brother (US) Episode 15 - Power of Veto Competition ...
Episode 15 - Nominations #5 & Battle of the Block Comp #5 - Day #42
8:30 AM 4x21 Baby Daddy What Happens In Vegas
The friends make their way to Las Vegas, where Tucker's hidden hobby is revealed.
9:00 AM 5x06 Suits Privilege
Reeling from Dr. Agard's revelation about the root of his panic attacks, Harvey is forced to make a tough personal decision in a case that touches a nerve. Meanwhile, Mike and Louis have taken over responsibility for Harvey's oldest client, and must decide what to do when that client's demands go against his own best interests. And Donna tries to work her magic to make Rachel's dream wedding possibl
9:00 AM 7x26 American Pickers The Bundle Brothers
No summary available (yet)
9:00 AM 5x09 Strike Back Legacy: Episode 9
Locke takes Section 20 off the radar, as they defy Whitehall to travel to Geneva where he is convinced that Li-Na and Kwon are preparing to attack the United Nations HQ.
9:00 AM 5x10 Strike Back Legacy: Episode 10
Scott and Stonebridge head out for a final showdown with Li-Na, in an effort to avenge Richmond’s death and save Locke’s career and their own lives before a bomb goes off in Europe.
9:00 AM 3x06 Rogue TBA
No summary available (yet)
9:00 AM 4x11 Lab Rats (2012) Bionic Island: Space Elevator
Davenport's top scientist Dr. Ryan shows up at the academy to carry out some tests.
9:00 AM 3x04 The Amazing Race Canada Season 3, Episode 4
No summary available (yet)
9:00 AM 2x05 Extant The New Frontier
Molly realizes that Ethan is still alive and attempt to get him back. JD looks into John's death, after suspicions arise about Julie's possible involvement.
9:00 AM 14x21 Degrassi The Kids Aren’t Alright (Part 1)
No summary available (yet)
9:00 AM 2x07 Skin Wars Big Time Big Top
The artists have to try and paint three models using an additional painting technique.
9:00 AM 3x09 Tiny House Nation 180 Sq. Ft. Backpack House
Justin and Melissa are teachers who hope to give inner city kids a chance to learn about nature through their business InspireOut. They want a home that can connect them with the outdoors and serve as a base for the business.
9:00 AM 1x08 The Interceptor Episode 8
Roach’s identity has finally revealed, and he is seemingly within the Unit’s grasp. They now face the challenge of intercepting his massive shipment of drugs and finding something linking it to him.
10:00 AM 6x11 Rookie Blue 74 Epiphanies
No summary available (yet)
10:00 AM 9x09 The Game TBA
No summary available (yet)
10:00 AM 4x14 Catfish: The TV Show Thad & Sara
How do young people who've embraced the digital age find love? Often, it's by connecting online with people they've never met in person.
10:00 AM 5x04 Key & Peele Severed Head Showcase
A gospel group must practice without their coach, a group of warriors celebrate a beheading, a prisoner tries to trick his guard, and a young man is confronted for only speaking in catchphrases.

10:00 AM 1x06 Mr. Robot eps1.5_br4ve-trave1er.asf
Elliot tries to get Vera out of jail in an effort to save somebody he cares about. Tyrell's "game" gets crazy; and Angela looks deeper into her mother's death.
11:00 AM 4x15 The Exes Good Will Hinting
Stuart to join his cappella group. Holly looks for revenge.
11:00 AM 20x137 The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Doris Kearns Goodwin
No summary available (yet)
11:00 AM 7x09 Nick Cannon Presents Wild 'N Out Dej Loaf
Dej Loaf takes part in in "So Fly," "Talking Spit," "Remix" and "Wildstyle."
11:30 AM 1x89 The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore Season 1, Episode 89
Larry Wilmore and a panel of guests discuss current events and the world of pop culture.
Thursday 12:00 PM 3x98 @Midnight Matt Oberg, Seth Morris
No summary available (yet)
9:00 PM 3x33 Doc McStuffins Molly Molly Mouthful
Doc's toy, Molly, comes to life and keeps talking while eating, causing one of her flapjacks to get stuck.
7:00 AM 4x18 Every Witch Way TBA
No summary available (yet)
7:30 AM 19x28 Naruto: Shippuuden The Sage of the Six Paths
No summary available (yet)
8:00 AM 3x08 Beauty and the Beast (2012) Shotgun Wedding
Cat is feeling pleased about her upcoming wedding, but is distracted by the idea that the rash of superhuman experiments could ruin her big day. Vincent, JT and Tess do their best to keep her eyes on the prize.
8:00 AM 26x05 Fifth Gear Season 26, Episode 5
No summary available (yet)
8:00 AM 1x07 The Astronaut Wives Club Rendezvous
The wives feel the pressure increasing as the Gemini missions are being successfully launched and the Apollo program gets into gear.
9:00 AM 3x08 Mistresses (US) Murder She Wrote
Lucy witnesses Blair's strict side as he and April grow closer. Vivian finds out about Karen and Alec's deception. Marc fights his demons when his pride is bruised.
9:00 AM 14x22 Degrassi The Kids Aren't Alright (Part 2)
No summary available (yet)
9:00 AM 1x08 Complications Relapse
John finds his priorities changing after he tends to a boy injured in a drive-by shooting.
10:00 AM 3x04 Rectify Girl Jesus
A visit from his probation officer causes some work issues for Daniel. Tawney ends up making painful confession during couples' therapy.
10:00 AM 3x06 Graceland Buto Ijo
Mike comes up with a plan to find out about the contents of Gusti's trunk. Briggs attempts to help Paige go undercover with the Armenian Mafia's shipping company.
10:00 AM 3x07 Under the Dome Ejecta
As the world outside the Dome is rocked by a catastrophic meteor shower, unexpected alliances form inside the barrier. Eva tries to indoctrinate Barbie deeper into The Kinship and Big Jim and Julia turn to one another while isolated on Bird Island outside of town. Also, Joe is forced to accept help from Sam, the man who killed his sister.
10:00 AM 4x16 Impractical Jokers Captain Fatbelly
The guys lend an unhelpful hand while working at a high-tech store, then play detectives at the mall in search of perps on the loose.

10:00 AM 2x01 Review Season 2, Episode 1
No summary available (yet)
10:00 AM 2x04 Dominion A Bitter Truth
Alex, Noma and Riesen discover the truth about Julian's origins. David tries to make an alliance.
10:00 AM 3x12 Maron Cold Turkey
With his talk show pilot approaching, Marc gives up nicotine gum and caffeine, and tries to get into shape with the help of pro wrestler, CM Punk. The stress of his new regimen leads to a more serious problem.
10:00 AM 1x14 Lip Sync Battle Victoria Justice vs. Gregg Sulkin
Victoria Justice battles it out against Gregg Sulkin.
10:00 AM 1x03 Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll Lust for Life
Johnny dies on the Internet, and decides to stay dead after it makes financial sense. It also leads to a huge break for Gigi.
10:00 AM 1x07 Alone The Hunger
Extreme cold weather hinders the search for food, with some having success whilst others face failure.
10:30 AM 2x03 Married The Sandwich
Russ and Lina go out on separate dates.
11:00 AM 20x138 The Daily Show With Jon Stewart J.J. Abrams
No summary available (yet)
11:00 AM 5x96 Conan Ricky Gervais, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, ...
No summary available (yet)
11:30 AM 1x90 The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore Season 1, Episode 90
Larry Wilmore and a panel of guests discuss current events and the world of pop culture.
Friday 12:00 PM 1x01 Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp Season 1, Episode 1
No summary available (yet)
12:00 PM 1x02 Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp Season 1, Episode 2
No summary available (yet)
12:00 PM 1x03 Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp Season 1, Episode 3
No summary available (yet)
12:00 PM 1x04 Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp Season 1, Episode 4
No summary available (yet)
12:00 PM 1x05 Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp Season 1, Episode 5
No summary available (yet)
12:00 PM 1x06 Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp Season 1, Episode 6
No summary available (yet)
12:00 PM 1x07 Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp Season 1, Episode 7
No summary available (yet)
12:00 PM 1x08 Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp Season 1, Episode 8
No summary available (yet)
9:30 PM 3x33 Jake and the Never Land Pirates The Great Never Sea Conquest!
Jake and captains battles a three-headed sea serpent that's awakened by Ezmeralda, becoming a captain himself.
8:00 AM 3x09 Defiance Ostinato in White
After a gruesome murder, Nolan and Irisa hunt an unusual beast; Doc Yewll investigates the victim; Amanda does not want to welcome Stahma; T'evgin learns something about his daughter.
8:30 AM 9x01 Would I Lie To You? Danny Dyer, Jon Richardson, Joe Lycett, ...
Danny Dyer, Jon Richardson, Joe Lycett and Moira Stuart are this week;s guests.
9:00 AM 9x12 A League of Their Own (UK) Unseen Vol 2
More unseen clips are shown.
9:00 AM 14x23 Degrassi Finally (Part 1)
No summary available (yet)
9:00 AM 14x24 Degrassi Finally (Part 2)
No summary available (yet)
9:00 AM 8x12 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Freddie Flintoff, Bill Bailey, Roisin ...
Freddie Flintoff, Bill Bailey, Roisin Conaty and Rob Beckett are the guests on the show this week.
9:00 AM 3x09 Alaskan Bush People Lost Footage
No summary available (yet)
9:00 AM 1x07 Killjoys Kiss, Kiss, Bye Bye
Attempts to uncover the mystery behind D'avin's missing memories sees the Killjoys making their way to an underground black market which triggers a shocking incident that will haunt the team.
10:00 AM 1x08 Dark Matter Episode Eight
Six causes the others to become suspicious after he makes secret use of a transfer transit.
Saturday 8:00 PM 18x26 Pokémon the Series Fairy-Type Trickery!
After Sawyer's loss to Valerie, Ash takes on her Sylveon and Spritzee using Fletchinder and Hawlucha.
10:30 PM 5x41 Fairy Tail Tartaros Arc: Friends Forever
No summary available (yet)
12:00 AM 1x37 Sonic Boom Next Top Villain
No summary available (yet)
5:30 AM 1x18 Kyoukai no Rinne Season 1, Episode 18
No summary available (yet)
9:00 AM 5x03 Hell on Wheels White Justice
Cullen must deal with the violence in Chinatown, caused by disgruntled workers.
9:00 AM 15x09 MythBusters Accidental Ammo
Some backyard ballistics are tested and a glass guillotine is created.
9:00 AM 3x05 Dog and Beth: On the Hunt Lester's Last Stand
Dog and Beth take part in a 24-hour hunt to try and find an elusive fugitive.
9:00 AM 2x08 Power (2014) Three Moves Ahead
Ghost tries to distance himself from Lobos before Angela manages to get to him.
10:00 AM 3x09 Hannibal ...And the Woman Clothed in Sun
The hunt for serial killer Francis Dolarhyde continues as Will looks into dangerous territory.
11:30 AM 3x05 Durarara!! Season 3, Episode 5
No summary available (yet)
Sunday 8:30 PM 2x24 Marvel's Avengers Assemble Avengers Underground
No summary available (yet)