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This week 29 June 2015 - 5 July 2015

Airing Code Show Episode
Monday 12:00 AM 2x61 Dragon Ball Kai Even Stronger! Goku's Dream Never Ends!!
No summary available (yet)
2:30 AM 8x121 One Piece (JP) Noble Family - Doflamingo's True Identity!
No summary available (yet)
7:30 AM 4x01 The Voice (AU) Blind Auditions 1
No summary available (yet)
7:30 AM 7x41 Masterchef Australia Mystery Box Challenge: Mystery ...
No summary available (yet)
8:00 AM 22x08 Top Gear Series 22, Episode 8
Jeremy, Richard and James attempt to understand the appeal of keeping an old car in the garage and just bring it out on hot summer days. Driving different classic cars they take a drive in the country, and end up at a track day as they try to become true classic car owners. Gary Lineker is the star in the Reasonably Priced Car.
8:00 AM 17x03 Big Brother (US) Episode #3 - Nominations #1 & Battle of ...
On tonight’s episode the two HoHs James and Jason must both nominate two houseguests for eviction. Those four nominated houseguests must battle as teams of two against each other in the 1st “Battle of the Block” competition of the season. The winning team of two will notfuck yuouefwgufashdfwiwill also be exempt from eviction for the week should the Veto be used on anyone. Also the winning team will automatically dethrone the HoH that nominated them for eviction.
8:00 AM 5x10 Guy's Grocery Games Serving Up Summer!
Four chefs celebrate summer with a barbecue block party where a roll of the dice picks the crazy items in their dish. Then the chefs have to improvise when their seafood spectacular comes with a weight restriction. In the final round, the chefs summer plans are turned upside-down when they have to turn the ingredients for an all-American cherry pie into a chicken dinner.

9:00 AM 7x12 Nurse Jackie I Say a Little Prayer
An unexpected guest shows up at Fiona's confirmation rehearsal. Jackie is offered a position at Bellevue.
9:00 AM 9x22 Untold Stories of the E.R. Creepy Crawlies
Bizarre ER encounters of bugged out doctors treating numerous patients and their Creepy Crawly friends. From life threatening to the light hearted, mysterious to bizarre, hear their outrageous stories, as told through the eyes of the doctors.
9:00 AM 9x23 Untold Stories of the E.R. Worst Day Ever
A first hand look at individuals who didn't expect to become human shish kabobs. From life threatening to the light hearted, mysterious to bizarre, hear their outrageous stories, as told through the eyes of the doctors.
9:00 AM 9x24 Untold Stories of the E.R. Didn't See it Coming
Doctors join their impaled patients for a few rounds of "How Did That Get There". From life threatening to the light hearted, mysterious to bizarre, hear their outrageous stories, as told through the eyes of the doctors.
9:00 AM 2x02 True Detective Night Finds You
Law enforcement officers have to deal with a web of conspiracy as they attempt to solve a bizarre murder.
9:00 AM 2x03 The Last Ship It's Not a Rumor
Nathan James goes back to Norfolk on a mission to produce and distribute the cure.
9:00 AM 1x07 Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
England is in complete chaos as magic returns. Mr. Norrell takes shelter in his library and Jonathan confronts him, determined to defeat the Gentleman and free Arabella before the Faerie curse causes his death. Childermass attempts to undo the magic that keeps Emma Pole under the Gentleman’s power while Stephen becomes drawn ever deeper into the Gentleman’s web.
9:00 AM 17x48 Big Brother (UK) BB16, Day 47 Highlights
Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Danny, Jack and Chloe are in the bathroom where they talk about Marc. Marc is in the Diary Room where he talks about Danny. Marc and Aisleyne make up after the argument last night. Jack is in the Diary Room where he tells Big Brother how happy he is to still be in the house. The housemates are set a task whereby they have to decide who are the two most selfish housemates. They chose Sam and Marc. The two of them are told in order to give the housemates extra time at an 80’s themed party they have to endure 80’s hell. The twist to the task is that the 80’s party would be happening whilst Sam and Marc were in 80’s hell and therefore they would not be invited. Sam and Marc talk about Aisleyne and Sam comments that she slept in Danny’s bed. Nick and Aisleyne are in the garden and he asks her if she likes Danny. Aisleyne admits to Big Brother that she likes Danny. Danny tells Chloe that he doesn’t want to share a bed with Aisleyne as he is worried about doing anything on TV. Later Aisleyne gets into Danny’s bed and they spoon.

9:00 AM 1x03 Humans Episode 3
Laura is at odds with her family after she attempts to return Anita to the shop. After Anita attempts saves Toby from a road accident though she is forced to keep her. Joe suggests that Laura is imagining Anita's strange behaviour, but he can't help noticing how human Anita looks. George has come up with a daring plan to escape with Odi.
9:30 AM 1x10 Happyish Starring Christopher Hitchens, Philip ...
Thom writes a story and then gives up his job.
10:00 AM 5x01 Falling Skies Find Your Warrior
Tom's life is left hanging in the balance as his beamer drifts out into space. Tom runs into a surprising guest.
10:00 AM 4x13 Naked And Afraid Redemption Road
AK, a past survivalist, returns for her chance at redemption. Her partner Jason joins her in tackling the jungle of Guyana, but the two have different priorities. Starvation sets in causing tension to rise. Will they come together and survive the 21 days?

10:00 AM 7x05 Finding Bigfoot A Squatch in the Ozarks
The team treks into the Ozark hollows in search of sasquatch, known locally as the legendary Blue Man; a packed town hall confirms that bigfoots have been there for several years and an eventful final night has them convinced.
10:00 AM 2x09 Penny Dreadful And Hell Itself My Only Foe
While Evelyn torments Malcolm, Victor summons Ethan and Vanessa back to London to rescue their friend. Meanwhile, Brona learns Dorian's secret, and Caliban is betrayed.
10:00 AM 2x13 Salem The Witching Hour
A new supernatural dynasty starts.
10:00 AM 2x05 Halt and Catch Fire Extract And Defend
Cameron and Joe clash leaving Cameron in a tailspin. Gordon attempts to deal with some difficult news.
10:00 AM 1x13 American Odyssey Real World
As the world discovers that the truth about Odelle, she and Aslam find refuge in Barcelona with someone from Luc's past. But when Odelle finally has a chance to tell her story to reporter Isabel Rainey, she encounters an unavoidable obstacle. Meanwhile, back in New York, the truth about Societel Mining's misdeeds sends ripples through Peter's world and Harrison works to expose Osela.
10:00 AM 8x06 Cutthroat Kitchen Tikka Me Alton
Guest judge Susan Feniger samples the chefs' smoothie moves. Then, someone takes a ride on an elephant they'll never forget. Finally, a chef raises the roof in an oatmeal cookie challenge.

10:00 AM 1x02 Ballers (2015) Raise Up
Spencer finds it hard to close out a deal. Jason attempts to renegotiate for his client.
10:30 AM 1x02 The Brink Half-Cocked
President Navarro and Defense Secretary Grey decide that a military response is the only answer to General Zaman's threats.
11:00 AM 2x19 Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Season 2, Episode 19
John takes a look back at the major talking points of the last seven days.
Monday 12:00 PM 3x87 @Midnight Doug Benson, Sarah Colonna & Zack Pearlman
Doug Benson & TBA compete to determine who has the funniest take on the day's pop culture.
1:00 AM 5x121 The Chew Easy Family Favorites
Nothing says Summer like cooking together as a family! The Chew hosts are showing you their favorites to make summer cooking a fun activity everyone will enjoy! Special guests Jessie and Eric Decker of the New York Jets stop by stop by to make a tasty shrimp dish with Mario!
6:00 AM 2x44 Teen Titans Go! Beast Man
No summary available (yet)
7:30 AM 4x02 The Voice (AU) Blind Auditions 2
No summary available (yet)
7:30 AM 7x42 Masterchef Australia Pressure Test: Janice Wong's Cassis Plum
No summary available (yet)
8:00 AM 3x04 The Fosters (2013) More Than Words
Lena’s family comes to visit and she hopes to use the opportunity to bury the hatchet with her half-brother.
8:00 AM 19x22 Antiques Roadshow (US) Vintage Denver
Uncover changes in the value of appraisals from 15 years ago. Highlights include a Bakelite collection, a 19th-century Tabor mining archive and some Jessie Willcox Smith paintings. See which item more than doubles its original valuation.
8:00 AM 12x05 So You Think You Can Dance Vegas Callbacks #1
Stage and Street hopefuls head to Vegas for the first round of callbacks!
8:00 AM 11x08 The Bachelorette Week 8 (S11)
One of the bachelors enjoys the Irish countryside with Kaitlyn. A surprise visit changes the course of Kaitlyn's journey.
8:00 AM 29x15 Dispatches Salt: Are You Eating Too Much?
Tazeen Ahmad takes a look at some surprising evidence that suggests some worrying inaccuracies in the labelling of salt content.
8:30 AM 63x24 Panorama The Missing Stolen School Children
The world was shocked in April 2014 after it emerged that Boko Haram militants had kidnapped 276 girls from a school in the Nigerian town of Chibok and a year later, most of them are still missing. Tulip Mazumdar talks to some of the women and girls who have escaped from the jihadists.
9:00 AM 4x04 Major Crimes Turn Down
During his first drive-along, Buzz Watson finds a dead body in a hotel room bathroom.
9:00 AM 3x05 Devious Maids The Talk of the Town
Zoila discovers a secret from Genevieve's past. Rosie is torn between Ernesto and Spence. Marisol tries to fight her attraction toward Jesse. Carmen is outsmarted by Adrian. Taylor reaches her breaking point.
9:00 AM 3x13 Buying the Bayou Gator Islands
Alligator Point, Florida is so swampy and wild, it's known as the Forgotten Coast. This area feels like the bayou, which is why water taxi driver Richard and Julia want a waterfront home here. But there's a unique danger in this area--bayou bears.
9:00 AM 2x05 Vicious Series 2, Episode 5
Freddie and Stuart fall out and Stuart moves in with Ash whilst Violet moves in with Freddie.
9:00 AM 17x49 Big Brother (UK) BB16, Day 48 Highlights
Highlights are shown of life from within the house. It is nomination day and Danny is in the garden with Chloe where he talks about Aisleyne. Mark and Aisleyne ask Nick questions about Harry. Some of the Housemates are in the living area where Aisleyne is talking about her book. All of the housemates nominate in the Diary Room except Nick and Aisleyne who have to nominate face to face. Marc has a play fight with Aisleyne. Big Brother gathers the housemates for results of nominations and reveals that Harry, Marc, Sam and Jack are facing eviction from the house this week. Marc is in the Diary Room where he talks about the nominations. Jack expresses his dislike for Sam to Chloe. Danny tells the boys that he believes that Aisleyne is playing a game rather than likes him.
9:00 AM 5x09 Street Outlaws Angel City Danger
The 405 guys head to California to take on smack talking street racers from Los Angeles. On race night, heated exchanges escalate, with trash talking, spitting incidents, and nearly a full out brawl. Meanwhile, Farmtruck and AZN take a trip to Hollywood.
10:00 AM 5x01 Teen Wolf Creatures of the Night
Scott and his friends find themselves being challenged by the arrival of a new enemy.
10:00 AM 3x02 My Mad Fat Diary Rewind
Rae takes some drastic action that could ruin her future after Chloe's parents ban her from seeing their daughter in hospital. As Rae attempts to get things back on track, her A-levels and relationship with Finn are left hanging in the balance.
10:00 AM 1x05 The Whispers What Lies Beneath
Claire speaks with a captive Sean in the hopes that it will stir his memories, and gains a clue to Drill's next game. Meanwhile, Wes picks up a lead that takes him back to Mali to excavate beneath the fulgurite formation.
10:00 AM 2x04 Murder In The First My Suger Walls
Raffi is concerned that Hildy's investigation of the grow house murder could have an impact on her case.
10:00 AM 1x05 UnReal Truth
The team make their way to Mississippi for Faith's hometown date with Adam. A discovery is made by Rachel.
10:00 AM 1x05 Odd Mom Out Brooklandia
Jill ends up falling in love with the down-to-earth moms at a friend's backyard party.
10:00 AM 1x05 The Island Anything Can Happen
The men work out that shelters and a community make the difference between just surviving and thriving.
10:00 AM 1x22 Fast N' Loud: Demolition Theater Funky Monkey Fireworks
Richard and Gas Monkey's Christie and Charles host a cavalcade of clips."Batman" steps us through his take down of a dump thief. A weightlifter drops 305 pounds of barbell on his chest and lives to talk about it. And, fireworks destroy an entire market.

11:00 AM 20x127 The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Taylor Schilling
Jon Stewart was joined by TBA.
11:00 AM 5x84 Conan Evangeline Lilly, Marshawn Lynch, Colony ...
No summary available (yet)
11:30 AM 1x79 The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore Season 1, Episode 79
Larry Wilmore and a panel of guests discuss current events and the world of pop culture.
Tuesday 12:00 PM 3x88 @Midnight Jonah Ray, Emily V. Gordon & Kumail ...
Emily V. Gordon, Jonah Ray & Kumail Nanjiani compete to determine who has the funniest take on the day's pop culture.

2:55 PM 3x25 Kuroko no Basuke Many Times Over
No summary available (yet)
12:00 AM 2x09 Carmilla Cutting Losses
No summary available (yet)
6:00 AM 2x45 Teen Titans Go! Operation Tin Man
No summary available (yet)
7:30 AM 4x03 The Voice (AU) Blind Auditions 3
No summary available (yet)
7:30 AM 7x43 Masterchef Australia Immunity Challenge: Batter
No summary available (yet)
8:00 AM 6x05 Pretty Little Liars She's No Angel
Mona must answer to the police; Hanna attempts to repair Mona and Lesli's friendship; Emily encourages Sara to consider the possibility of emancipation; Alison and Lorenzo grow closer.
9:00 AM 6x03 Rizzoli & Isles Deadly Harvest
Jane and Maura go to the BCU body farm after a murder victim is discovered.
9:00 AM 2x13 The Haves and the Have Nots Two Funerals
Benny decides to bail Quincy out of jail. David just manages to escape from a fire at the Harrington's house.
9:00 AM 7x12 The Little Couple A Little Q&A
Jen and Bill answer some questions from the viewers at home, including video questions sent in through social media.
9:00 AM 11x12 Deadliest Catch 5-Year Storm, Part 1
The most menacing storm of opilio season moves in on the fleet. A rogue wave terrorizes the Cape Caution, ripping steel and timber. The Wizard crew races to plug a gushing leak. The Saga, captained by Jake Anderson, is nearly capsized by a 40-foot wave.
9:00 AM 1x01 Zoo First Blood
In Botswana, guides Jackson Oz and Abraham Kenyatta come across a mysterious series of lion attacks. In LA, two lions escape a zoo and go on a rampage, and investigative reporter Jamie Campbell believes that it's tied to pesticide infested food sold by Reiden Global.
9:00 AM 5x13 Counting Cars The Count of Monte Carlo
Danny has no choice but to giveaway his prized 1972 Monte Carlo to one of his largest clients.
9:00 AM 5x14 Counting Cars Stude-licious
Shannon turns to the shop for help when he takes on restoring a 1962 Karmann Ghia as an anniversary present for his wife. With the tables are turned, Shannon quickly learns that the customer isn't always right. Meanwhile, Danny gets the invitation of a lifetime to check out a legendary personal car collection he's only heard about and comes face to face with a rare El Camino fused with an SSR and the mythical Frankenstude.
9:00 AM 17x50 Big Brother (UK) BB16, Day 49 Highlights
Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Joel is in the Diary Room where he says he thinks that Sam and Jacl are the two weakest housemates. Danny and Aisleyne discuss who they think will be evicted and Danny thinks that Jack could go. This week's shopping budget task sees the house has been transformed into Hotel Big Brother. The housmeates are split into guests and employees. Aisleyne selects Danny, Chloe and Joel to join her as the hotel guests. To pass the tasks, employees must maintain high standards and cater to the guests’ every needs. Former Big Brother contestant Charley enters the house and Aisleyne is excited to see her. Jack introduces her to the employees. Aisleyne falls off a chair and knocks over a table after getting drunk. Charley asks for her bag. Charley follows Jack into the bedroom and apologises after Aisleyne is rude to him. Charley and Aisleyne talk about the boys in the house and they discuss Danny. Charley thinks that Cristian John McCririck’s arrival as the next guest is announced. Charley catches Marc looking at her and asks why. Marc is talking to John in the bedroom and attempts to find out how he is being perceived on the outside. John offers Marc some advice. Jack asks John about his popularity on the outside and John tells him it’s not good. John and Harry talk about Marc. Marc tells Charley that he likes her. John tells Marc that he disapproved of Marc siding with Helen. Aisleyne and Marc argue. Charley asks Harry and Nick what is going on between them.
9:00 AM 1x05 Stitchers Stitcher in the Rye
The team Stitches Kirsten into the memories of a conspiracy theorist who was going to blog vital government information on the Internet. They soon discover that the information was the Stitcher algorithm, and only a member of the team could have leaked it.
10:00 AM 5x02 Teen Wolf Parasomnia
Stiles attempts to prove his suspicions about a new classmate are justified. Lydia attempts to help a student.
10:00 AM 7x05 Royal Pains Voices Carry
Hank travels to Manhattan with Olympia. Evan is concerned that Boris could be keeping a secret.
10:00 AM 9x05 The Game Hashtag My Bad
Keira comes to a conclusion regarding her feelings for Malik and confronts him. Meanwhile, "People Magazine" is writing a feature article on Tasha as a 'Super Mom,' but all hell br...
10:00 AM 6x02 Ink Master Fight or Flight
Oliver Peck’s mentor guest judges, delivering a smack down when the Artists take on his specialty. A massive twist puts the power in the hands of the Artists and tests loyalties.
10:00 AM 2x03 Tyrant Faith
Barry ends up being taken in by a Bedouin family. Jamal is upset over Tariq's drastic military action.
10:00 AM 1x03 Proof (TNT) Showdown
Carolyn and her team investigate the case of an Iraq war vet who claims to have PTSD from a past life experience during the Korean War. Carolyn reconnects with a medical school colleague turned "regression therapist".
10:00 AM 3x07 The Profit Precise Graphix
Marcus tries to rescue Precise Graphix, a company that makes millions but is still losing money fast.
10:00 AM 3x11 Knife Fight Quarterfinals: Cuttlefish
Franklin Becker and Edi Frauneder battle it out as they attempt to advance to the semifinals using ingredients including cuttlefish, chocolate and chicken livers.
10:00 AM 3x12 Knife Fight Quarterfinals: Suckling Pig
Tony Maws and Joey Campanaro battle it out for a spot in the semifinals using ingredients that include suckling pig, ostrich egg and tamarind.
10:00 AM 23x11 Chopped Scoop's On!
It's an ice cream dream come true with an entire Chopped competition devoted to everyone's favorite sweet, cold treat. In the first round, the chefs find some beautiful gourmet scoops in cones, which they must find a way to make work with halibut. In the entree round, another ice cream surprise awaits the competitors, as well as some premium cuts of beef. When the two finalists move on to the dessert round, they'll have two ice cream machines and one goal: frozen perfection.

10:00 AM 3x09 Inside Amy Schumer Wingwoman
Amy travels through time, hears some awful stories and gives a complete town the clap.
10:00 AM 1x01 Scream: The TV Series Pilot
When a high school girl is found murdered, a mystery unfolds. The killing seems to have ties to both an embarrassing video that outs a gay student and that of a serial killer who supposedly died 20 years ago.
11:00 AM 20x128 The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Jon Hamm
Jon Stewart was joined by TBA.
11:00 AM 5x85 Conan Kumail Nanjiani, Danielle Brooks, Miguel
No summary available (yet)
11:00 AM 3x17 Tattoo Nightmares Father Doesn't Know Best
A cycling fanatic comes to Jasmine hoping to rebuild his patriotism, while Tommy helps a disappointed daughter mask a swap meet mistake, and Big Gus fights a tricky tattoo, and has to switch up his game mid-stride.
11:30 AM 1x80 The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore Season 1, Episode 80
Larry Wilmore and a panel of guests discuss current events and the world of pop culture.
Wednesday 12:00 PM 3x89 @Midnight James Adomian, Arden Myrin & Brian Posehn
James Adomian & Paul Scheer compete to determine who has the funniest take on the day's pop culture.

9:30 PM 2x26 Sofia the First The Littlest Princess
No summary available (yet)
6:00 AM 2x46 Teen Titans Go! Nean
No summary available (yet)
7:30 AM 7x44 Masterchef Australia Team Challenge: Slow and Low Barbecue
No summary available (yet)
8:00 AM 4x17 Melissa & Joey The Parent Trap
Mel's father and Joe's mother get along famously. Lennox and Zander try being "friends with benefits."
8:00 AM 6x08 MasterChef (US) Happy Birthday MASTERCHEF
Each team has to create a two-course menu and they must also make a three-layer birthday cake.
8:00 AM 17x04 Big Brother (US) Episode 4 - POV competition #1 - Day #14
​The very first Power of Veto Competition of the season airs tonight. The first houseguests to be placed on SLOP for the week will be selected tonight by the current HoH. The 2 nominees up for eviction & the current HoH in power and 3 other houseguests chosen by a random draw will all engage in the POV Competition.
8:30 AM 4x17 Baby Daddy Wheeler War
Ben attempts to corrupt Riley's boyfriend. Bonnie wants to play in the boys' poker game.
9:00 AM 5x02 Suits Compensation
Harvey attempts to find a replacement for Donna. Mike attempts to justify a case to Jessica.
9:00 AM 6x07 Rookie Blue Best Man
Andy and Sam are shocked to learn that Oliver is the prime suspect in IA’s corruption investigation into 15 Division. What’s worse, they only have until end of day today to find Chris Klem – the missing explosives-dealer – and clear Oliver’s name before he takes the fall.
9:00 AM 5x05 Strike Back Legacy: Episode 5
Scott and Stonebridge risk war by entering North Korea, in an attempt to destroy the stolen Vanadium.
9:00 AM 3x02 Rogue The Chandelier Man
Grace works to escape. Ethan reconnects with his father. Escalating gang warfare spills into the suburbs. Ethan investigates Marty's leak at a party, where he meets Marlon Dinard, who is not what he seems.
9:00 AM 4x08 Lab Rats (2012) Bionic Island: Forbidden Hero
Leo is injured during a mission and Tasha takes care of him, realizing the danger he puts himself in.
9:00 AM 4x12 Million Dollar Listing: New York Don't Touch Me, Bro
Luis attempts to lure Ryan back to the negotiating table, An arrest sees Ryan's deal falling through.
9:00 AM 17x51 Big Brother (UK) BB16, Day 50 Highlights
Highlights are shown of life from within the house. It is day two of the shopping task. Charley tells the staff housemates to stop arguing in front of the guests. Aisleyne tells Big Brother that she can not stand to be in the same room as Marc. Harry prepares a sandwich for a guest and when Sam comes over and attempts to eat some of the food she gets annoyed. Danny defends Aisleyne which annoys Marc and another argument breaks out between Aisleyne, Danny and Marc. John and Charley get ready to check out of Hotel BB and leave some feedback. The next guests to arrive are Dexter Koh and Jasmine Lennard. Cristian expresses his attraction to Jasmine. Dexter gives Danny some advice about Marc. Harry tells Joel that she thinks some of the staff housemates have been eating the guest food and she is worried they will fail the task. Jasmine and Cristian hold hands in the garden and they later share a kiss.
9:00 AM 1x04 The Interceptor Episode 4
The Unit’s war of attrition against Roach and his team is starting to take effect and they’re forced to turn to a new foreign supplier, a Norwegian known as The Viking.
10:00 AM 21x11 The Ultimate Fighter Pushing the Limits
After Nathan Coy's thrilling victory, the Americans looks to stay off alive in the competition.
10:00 AM 2x01 Extant Change Scenario
Molly escapes from a psychiatric hospital and investigates some deaths that seem strangely familiar.
10:00 AM 1x02 Mr. Robot eps.1.1_ones-and-zer0es.mpeg
Tyrell Wellick, now Evil Corp’s acting CTO since Elliot helped get Terry Colby arrested, makes Elliot an offer he can (and does) refuse: a position as Evil Corp’s head of Cyber Security and a big bank account to match. By saying no, has Elliot made himself a mark for Wellick?
11:00 AM 20x129 The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand
Jon Stewart was joined by TBA.
11:00 AM 5x86 Conan Maya Rudolph, Hannibal Buress, Tove Lo
No summary available (yet)
11:00 AM 7x05 Nick Cannon Presents Wild 'N Out Zendaya/Ne-Yo
Zendaya and Ne-Yo are featured on the show.
11:30 AM 1x81 The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore Season 1, Episode 81
Larry Wilmore and a panel of guests discuss current events and the world of pop culture.
11:30 AM 6x05 Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Trevor Noah: That's the Whole Point of ...
Jerry takes incoming Daily Show host Trevor Noah on a tour down under the Brooklyn Bridge, where they riff on football (aka, soccer), apartheid’s stupidity, and Noah’s insane daily routine.
Thursday 12:00 PM 3x90 @Midnight Hannibal Buress, Bridget Everett & Pete ...
Bridget Everett, Hannibal Buress & Nikki Glaser compete to determine who has the funniest take on the day's pop culture.

12:00 AM 2x10 Carmilla Sister Spycraft
No summary available (yet)
6:00 AM 2x47 Teen Titans Go! Campfire Stories
No summary available (yet)
7:30 AM 7x45 Masterchef Australia Elimination Challenge: Rick Stein
No summary available (yet)
7:30 AM 18x46 Naruto: Shippuuden The Green Wild Beast vs. Six Paths Madara
No summary available (yet)
8:00 AM 3x04 Beauty and the Beast (2012) Heart Of The Matter
Cat believes that a wealthy transplant recipient could be involved with experiments on people in the city.
8:00 AM 17x05 Big Brother (US) Episode 5 - Live Eviction #1 & HoH Comp #2
On tonight's 5th episode of Season 17 which is a Live episode, the houseguests will vote one which one of the 2 competitors that are currently on the Block that they want out of the house. Also the 2nd HoH Competition of the summer will be contested tonight to crown 2 new HoH's.
8:00 AM 1x03 The Astronaut Wives Club Retroattitude
Scott gets ready for his launch and Rene gets the chance to tell her story in a magazine interview.
9:00 AM 3x04 Mistresses (US) Into The Woods
April ends up learning a lesson during Lucy's school camping trip. Calista lets her guard down.
9:00 AM 1x07 Wayward Pines Betrayal
Ethan tries to tell Kate and Theresa the true about Wayward Pines, but they assume that the authorities have gotten to him. Meanwhile, Megan teaches the first generation about reproductive human biology, and Pam talks to Kate and Harold about their fertility issues.
9:00 AM 17x52 Big Brother (UK) BB16, Day 51 Highlights
Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Dexter Koh says goodbye to Hotel BB whilst Jasmine Lennard extends her stay. James Jordan is the next guest to arrive and he makes Marc a guest and Aisleyne a staff member. He also gives some advice to the housemates. Things heat up between Jasmine and Cristian. Harry and Nick decide to end their relationship.
9:00 AM 1x04 Complications Immune Response
Some expensive arrangements are made by Gretchen to hide the child. John needs to ask the gang for money.
10:00 AM 3x05 Hannibal Contorno
The hunt for Hannibal begins. Will travels via train with Chiyoh to Florence, as Alanna and Mason use Hannibal's fine tastes to track his whereabouts. Pazzi tries to get in close to find out if Hannibal is the man he's looking for, but his greed may get the better of him.
10:00 AM 3x02 Graceland Chester Cheeto
Charlie finds it hard to deal with the decision to end her pregnancy.
10:00 AM 3x03 Under the Dome Redux
In the aftermath of the townspeople's experiences in the other reality, people begin acting strangely and Big Jim suspects that something has fundamentally changed the others. Meanwhile, the person responsible sends Melanie to kill Julia.
10:00 AM 3x08 Maron Professor of Desire
Marc's novelist pal asks him to guest lecture at the college where he teaches, but their friendship is tested when sparks fly between Marc and the TA.
10:00 AM 14x04 Mock The Week Rob Beckett, Miles Jupp, Romesh ...
Rob Beckett, Miles Jupp, Romesh Ranganathan and Tiff Stevenson are the guests on the show.
10:00 AM 1x03 Alone The Talons Of Fear
After only a short time in the wild, the men find that extreme isolation is beginning to take its toll. A survivalist undertakes a massive cabin project, one man loses his most important tool and another is charged by a large predator leaving him to fend for his life.

11:00 AM 20x130 The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Sarah Vowell
Jon Stewart was joined by TBA.
11:00 AM 5x87 Conan Conor McGregor, John Roy
No summary available (yet)
11:00 AM 1x13 Olympus (Syfy) Truth
A man us transformed from a fresh-faced youth following some dramatic experiences.
11:30 AM 1x82 The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore Season 1, Episode 82
Larry Wilmore and a panel of guests discuss current events and the world of pop culture.
Saturday 6:00 AM 2x48 Teen Titans Go! 100th Episode: And the Award for Sound ...
No summary available (yet)
8:00 AM 3x05 Defiance History Rhymes
While Nolan and Irisa revisit their past, Yewll works to save their lives in the present. Meanwhile, Datak takes matters into his own hands when he learns that Stahma failed to kill T'evgin.
9:00 AM 9x08 A League of Their Own (UK) Series 9, Episode 8
Kevin Nolan, Gabby Logan and Micky Flanagan are the guests on the show this week.
9:00 AM 8x08 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Series 8, Episode 8
No summary available (yet)
9:00 AM 17x53 Big Brother (UK) BB16, Day 52 Highlights
Emma returns to present tonight's live eviction show. Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Staff members Cristian and Aisleyne have been given the night off . Cristian spents the night in bed with Jasmine. After he leaves, Jasmine gets into bed with Danny. Aisleyne is on the concierge desk and is not happy. Some of the housemates are talking about bed hopping. Aisleyne is in the Diary Room where she talks about Jasmine. Cristian is talking to Jasmine in the smoking area and asks her why she got in to bed with Danny. Marc teases Jack by tempting him with the guest food. Jasmine is with Cristian at the concierge desk and she asks him if he would like her to be waiting for him when he leaves the house. The staff and guests are say goodbye to Jasmine and James. The housemates learn that they have failed the task due to Harry deserting her post the day before and Jack eating a guest pastry. Jack is furious. Joel and Danny are in the garden talking about Marc. Marc talks to Big Brother about the upcoming eviction. Emma talks to the house for the first time and tells Aisleyne tnat is now time to leave the Big Brother house, Aisleyne says her goodbyes and chats to Emma about her time in the house. Emma talks to the house for a second time and reveals that Marc is the tenth housemate to be evicted from the house. Marc says his goodbyes and chats to Emma about his time living in the house.
9:00 AM 2x14 Alaskan Bush People Rocky Seas
Billy and three of his sons travel home on their newly purchased boat; Matt and Noah work on an improvement.
9:00 AM 1x03 Killjoys The Harvest
Dutch and John look for a missing migrant worker on Leith.
10:00 AM 1x04 Dark Matter Episode Four
After the crew makes a stopover at a space station to restock and rest, things do not go as expected.
10:35 AM 17x13 The Graham Norton Show Compilation
Highlights from the series are shown.
Saturday 8:00 PM 18x22 Pokémon the Series Beyond the Rainbow!
Team Rocket are revealed to be responsible for Florges' attack on Goodra's homeland as the gang work to stop the attack.
11:30 PM 5x12 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Amending Fences
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5:30 AM 1x14 Kyoukai no Rinne Season 1, Episode 14
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7:00 AM 1x25 Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal Showdown -Death Phantom-
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8:00 AM 2x06 The Millers Diggin' Up Bones
Carol is encouraged to become more daring and confront her former work nemesis as she attends the woman's retirement party.
8:00 AM 2x07 The Millers When the Pope Comes Marching In
Nathan's series of reports on the pope's visit ends up being threatened.
9:00 AM 1x12 The McCarthys Gerard's Engagement Party
Marjorie has to try and bond with her future daughter-in-law after Gerard misses the engagement party.
9:00 AM 1x13 The McCarthys Cutting The Cord
The McCarthy family make a bet. Jackie attempts to hide her pregnancy whilst out on a date.
9:00 AM 17x54 Big Brother (UK) BB16, Day 53 Highlights
Highlights are shown of life from within the house. The housemates react to Aisleyne's departure and Marc's eviction from the house.
11:30 AM 3x01 Durarara!! Season 3, Episode 1
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Sunday 8:30 PM 2x20 Marvel's Avengers Assemble Terminal Velocity
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