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This week 22 December 2014 - 28 December 2014

Airing Code Show Episode
Monday 2:30 AM 8x97 One Piece (JP) A Fated Meeting – Kyros and King Riku
No summary available (yet)
6:30 AM 2x06 Nowhere Boys Season 2, Episode 6
No summary available (yet)
7:00 AM 1x08 Mulaney It's A Wonderful Home Alone
John's resentment of actor Macaulay Culkin dampens his Christmas spirit. Meanwhile, Lou is worried when his rival, network host Jesse Tyler Munoz, announces a competing holiday special, and Andre is mistaken for a puppet.
8:00 AM 7x07 The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Nice to Metria
No summary available (yet)
8:00 AM 1x04 The Librarians And Santa's Midnight Run
The Librarians have to rescue Santa, when the Serpent Brotherhood want to kill him. The crew have to help Santa complete the true, secret purpose of Christmas.
9:00 AM 7x04 The Mentalist Black Market
The team investigates a murder linked to a counterfeit diamond operation, but an illness forces Jane to direct his colleagues from the office as he recuperates. Meanwhile, Abbott is concerned that transgressions in his past could harm his wife’s chance to obtain a prestigious job in Washington, D.C.
9:00 AM 4x12 Homeland Long Time Coming
No summary available (yet)
9:00 AM 8x04 AX Men The Swampman Cometh
Shelby the Swampman uses an airboat to search for a treasure trove of century old logs in a legendary lost canal. In Washington, Rygaard tries to haul out the biggest log on their site--a mammoth six-ton cypress. In the Wyoming wilderness, while David Zitterkopf delivers the first load of logs to the mill, his sons struggle to hold down the fort. In Alaska, Adrianne steps up and takes a shot at working on the landing for the Papac crew. In British Columbia, the most rugged section of the Britannia site puts Triack to the test. And in Florida, the Dreadknots are firing on all cylinders, but an accident late in the day could be a game changer.
9:00 AM 4x11 Alaska: The Last Frontier Christmas Kaboom!
No summary available (yet)
9:00 AM 1x08 Vicious The Vicious Xmas Special
No summary available (yet)
10:00 AM 15x11 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Angle of Attack
The CSI’s investigation of the victim of an apparent hit and run leads them into the world of aeronautics.
10:00 AM 5x03 Lost Girl Big in Japan
No summary available (yet)
10:00 AM 7x11 A Haunting Trapped in Terror
When Taylor Jones’ estranged mother comes to visit, she opens their home up to the world of the undead. Taylor turns to a team of paranormal investigators who uncover the brutal truth of what happened in her attic years ago.
10:00 AM 1x10 The Affair Season finale
Detective Jeffries makes significant progress on his case.
10:00 AM 1x08 House of DVF Show Day Showdown
No summary available (yet)
10:00 AM 5x19 Cutthroat Kitchen I Would Do Anything for Loaf
A chef wears Alton's ultimate poncho as they make a breakfast quesadilla. Then, one chef has to cook meatloaf while in a recliner. Finally, a chef has to walk on cupcake boxes when they make cupcakes.

10:00 AM 2x07 The Comeback Valerie Faces the Critics
No summary available (yet)
Tuesday 7:00 AM 20x85 Daily Planet Season 20, Episode 85
Dan and Ziya present scientific news and reports from around the world.
8:00 AM 18x34 Antiques Roadshow (US) The Boomer Years
No summary available (yet)
8:30 AM 9x37 Voetbal International Season 9, Episode 37
No summary available (yet)
8:30 AM 5x03 Mike & Molly 'Tis the Season to Be Molly
No summary available (yet)
8:30 AM 8x08 Would I Lie To You? Would I Lie To You? At Christmas
Rachel Riley, Ray Winstone, Ricky Tomlinson and Josh Widdicombe are the guests on the show.
9:00 AM 3x15 Major Crimes Chain Reaction
A Santa flash mob complicates apprehending a criminal Santa bank robber, leading the team to try and work out how the operation went so wrong. Sharon is visited for the holidays by her children, as Buzz begins his training.
9:00 AM 9x29 Pawn Star$ Generation Gap
Walk like an Egyptian with the Pawn Stars when a Roman shield movie prop from "Cleopatra" pops by the shop. Will Rick make an offer fit for a Pharaoh, or will this item end up ancient history? Then, a 1922 silver peace dollar rolls in. Will Rick go to war to win this rare coin, or will it be one lost cause for currency. And later, the guys talk about their generations. Will their arguments cause a big s-sensation, or will they just all f-fade away?
9:00 AM 9x30 Pawn Star$ Motorcycle Mayhem
Rev your engines with the Pawn Stars when a 1957 Harley-Davidson Sportster roars into the shop. Will Corey be able to hammer down on the deal or will it burnout? Then, things get political when Rick checks out a painting of Communist leader Ho Chi Minh. Will he make a revolutionary deal, or will it be a tough loss? And later, when Chum starts helping himself to things around the shop, the guys try to tell him that taking is not the same as sharing. Will Chum teach them a lesson, or learn the hard way?
9:00 AM 2x01 The Wrong Mans X Mans
The friends are 4,000 miles from home and Phil is enjoying the chance to reinvent himself, but Sam is missing his old life. Some worrying news from back home forces them to make a difficult choice. They soon find out that the road back to Bracknell is longer and more perilous than they imagined.
9:00 AM 2x02 The Wrong Mans White Mans
Following an explosive escape from an American maximum security prison, Sam and Phil’s spirits are lifted for a moment until another case of mistaken identity sees them risking their lives once again.
9:00 AM 1x10 Jane The Virgin Chapter Ten
No summary available (yet)
10:00 AM 2x89 Anger Management Charlie and the Sexy Swing Vote
Charlie and Jordan hire a hot tie-breaker to work as their associate on the prison clinic program.

10:00 AM 2x90 Anger Management Charlie & The 100th Episode
Charlie has to make a decision between keeping his group and being a sports psychologist for a baseball team.

10:00 AM 1x06 State of Affairs Masquerade
After accompanying President Payton on a trip to Qatar, Charlie becomes involved in the strange case of a local who claims to be a CIA asset even though the Agency has no history of him.
10:00 AM 28x12 Never Mind the Buzzcocks (UK) Christmas Show - Louis Walsh, Glen ...
Louis Walsh, Glen Matlock, Lloyd Langford and Melissa Steel are the guests on a festive themed edition of the show.
10:00 AM 3x06 Some Girls Series 3, Episode 6
Amber is in charge of the girls' prom night plans and ropes in Viva into organising prom night decorations against her will. Holli has now got enough money to buy back her Mum's jewellery before her Dad gets out of prison.
Wednesday 7:00 AM 20x86 Daily Planet Season 20, Episode 86
Dan and Ziya present scientific news and reports from around the world.
8:00 AM 13x12 The Bad Girls Club Reunion (2)
No summary available (yet)
8:00 AM 1x12 Selfie Stick in the Mud
No summary available (yet)
9:00 AM 7x04 The Little Couple Zoey's Birthday Party
No summary available (yet)
9:00 AM 4x08 Moonshiners Liquid Assets
Tickle has his hands full keeping track of his liquor and Chico and Tyler are becoming suspicious. Bill and Josh build an underground bunker to hide their shine. Tennessee shiners, Mark and Digger, test an invention that could revolutionize moonshining.
9:00 AM 2x03 The Wrong Mans Action Mans
Sam and Phil's spirits are temporarily lifeted, until they find themselves risking their lives again with another case of mistaken identity.
9:00 AM 2x04 The Wrong Mans Wise Mans
The boys realise their only hope of surviving is to play a part in a high-stakes heist with a ruthless gang of mercenaries. If they survive, they still need to make it home in time for Christmas.
10:00 AM 2x03 Ground Floor Space Invader
No summary available (yet)
10:00 AM 5x17 Ink Master Merry Ink
It's a very ink Christmas when four of the best artists ever to compete in a holiday special- Tatu Baby, Sausage, Jime Litwalk and James Vaughn vie...
10:00 AM 13x14 Mock The Week Christmas Special
Ed Byrne, Sara Pascoe and Josh Widdicombe feature on a special festive edition of the show.
10:00 AM 22x02 Chopped Family Food Fight
It's four chefs, one family in a Chopped first when a mother, father, daughter and son who run a restaurant together compete to see who will become the Chopped Champion. The family opens up the first basket to find a flatbread and a strong citrus. Then with three family members left in the entree round, there is fish to de-bone and tofu to flavor. The last two chefs proudly fight for the title as they create desserts using lobster tail pastries and cinnamon chips.

10:00 AM 1x04 Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Rule No. 426: Fantasyland: A Great Place ...
Abby starts to date Nate (C. Thomas Howell), a married dad with whom she had an emotional affair during her marriage. Max and Ford are honored at the Family Equality Gala and given an award by LGBT activist Adele Northrop .
10:30 AM 1x09 Benched A New Development
No summary available (yet)
11:00 AM 3x13 Tattoo Nightmares Merry Inkmas
No summary available (yet)
Thursday 5:30 AM 2x08 Rocket Monkeys Rock On/Thunderbot
More adventures from the intergalactic monkeys.
7:00 AM 20x87 Daily Planet Season 20, Episode 87
Dan and Ziya present scientific news and reports from around the world.
9:00 AM 9x01 A League of Their Own (UK) Christmas Party
A special episode for some extra-special Yuletide treat.
10:00 AM 1x08 Kitchen Inferno Fired Up
In this fiery season finale, the Inferno is ablaze as Chef Lia Fallon and Chef Carina Lampkin go against the culinary gladiators in an attempt to score $25,000 by incorporating canned tuna into a gourmet dish and making an outrageous dessert pizza.

Friday 7:00 AM 20x88 Daily Planet Season 20, Episode 88
Dan and Ziya present scientific news and reports from around the world.
7:30 AM 17x32 Naruto: Shippuuden A True Ending
No summary available (yet)
10:00 AM 12x12 QI No L
Carrie Fisher, Bill Bailey, and Phill Jupitus joined Stephen and Alan on the show for a festive edition.
Saturday 7:00 AM 20x89 Daily Planet Season 20, Episode 89
Dan and Ziya present scientific news and reports from around the world.
9:00 AM 3x08 Ripper Street Series 3, Episode 8
No summary available (yet)
9:00 AM 11x01 Big Fat Quiz of the Year Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2014
Richard Ayoade, David Mitchell, Mel B, Micky Flanagan, Sarah Millican and Kevin Bridges compete in a quiz that covers pop culture events of 2014. Helping them along the way are Michael Palin, Rio Ferdinand, The Inbetweeners, Lily Allen and more guests who have made the news in the past year.
10:00 AM 9x15 Untold Stories of the E.R. Over-Juiced
No summary available (yet)
Saturday 10:30 PM 5x11 Fairy Tail Natsu vs. Leo
No summary available (yet)